VALID Nutrition generates its own revenue from the provision of professional consultancy and advisory services in addition to sales of its Ready-to-Use Foods (RUFs). Through this, we aim to become a self-sustaining, social impact business.

How we are funded

Although, we haven’t yet reached a position of self-sufficiency, we have had access to generous voluntary and capital grant income from Philanthropists, Governmental bodies (DfID, Irish Aid and USAID) and select major Foundations, as well as long term loans. All of these sources have allowed us to develop ground-breaking research in food technology IP, and to expand our impact by enabling the treatment of over 400,000 children in Malawi by November 2019.

We are confident that we can continue to drive the changes needed to make effective affordable nutrition available at scale through sustainable market based mechanisms.


Dr Steve Collins reflects on the opportunities and problems associated with the USD$250 million contribution announced by Administrator, Samantha Power of USAID – a positive catalyst for change?

VALID commissioned and achieved peer-review of a professional report to quantify objectively the overall climate impact profile of the amino-acid enhanced, plant-based RUTF recipe. It has found that the overall global warming potential impacts of the plant-based RUTF recipe are 47%-52% less than the milk-peanut based recipe.

Dr Steve Collins gives a hugely informative and enlightened interview to ENN podcast while discussing his candid Reflections on the UN Global Action Plan on Wasting.