Valid Nutrition launch new Ready-to-Use Complementary Food (RUCF)

VALID Nutrition is pleased to announce that on Friday 18th November, the Honourable Dr Peter Kumpalume, MP and Minister for Health, Malawi, formally launched our new Ready-to-Use Complementary Food (RUCF also called small quantity lipid-based nutrient supplement,...

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Steve Collins of VALID presents his vision on the role Social Business can play to innovate and deliver market based solutions to address chronic malnutrition. This condition, often referred to as “hidden hunger”  is preventing millions of children (one in every four)...

Extending VALID’s RUF Product Range

With a view to extending our product range in Malawi and having received generous grant support from USAID’s Southern Africa Trade Hub (SATH), VALID’s local Factory is now in the process of commissioning a Ready-to-Use Complementary Food (RUCF) pack-filling machine....

Global Innovation Fund supports VALID Nutrition

The Global Innovation Fund (GIF) recently announced their first ever “investments” (grants, convertible loans or equity stakes), in eight projects ranging from £30,000 to £1.5 million.  The announcement included an investment of £120,000 in VALID Nutrition’s...

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With the help of a grant from USAID South Africa Trade Hub we are helping thousands of people access nutritious food.

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Dr Steve Collins talks to George Hook, about Valid Nutrition and combatting starvation and malnutrition

The power of disruptive innovations.

The ground-breaking results from a clinical trial of a Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food (RUTF) product made without milk or animal source protein and undertaken in Malawi in 2016, were recently unveiled by VALID Nutrition’s Founder, Dr Steve Collins.

Change Leader Interview: Dr. Steve Collins

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