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How we are funded


How we are funded

VALID Nutrition aims to generate its own revenue from the provision of professional consultancy and advisory services in addition to sales of it’s Ready to Use Foods (RUF). Through this, we aim to become a self-sufficient social business.

Although, we haven’t yet reached a position of self-sufficiency, we have had access to generous voluntary and capital grant income from Philanthropists, Governmental bodies (DfID, Irish Aid and USAID) and select major Foundations, as well as long term loans. All of these sources have allowed us to continue to develop and expand our operations and our reach internationally.

We are confident that we can continue to drive the changes needed to make effective affordable nutrition available at scale through sustainable market based mechanisms. Key to our mission is disrupting the current development paradigm, empowering those in developing countries, especially farmers, and reducing the dependency on imports.

VALID Nutrition’s factory in Malawi produces several hundred tons of Ready-to-use Therapeutic Foods per annum. With production capacity of thousands of metric tonnes, the potential to grow and drive further impact is great. We are currently engaged in a number of select consultancy and joint venture programmes in both Malawi and India, including trialling new recipes, production and routes to market to tackle various forms of malnutrition.

Finding sufficient funding and resources to fully capitalise on the opportunities and fully realise the scale of our mission and vision does remain a challenge for us and we welcome donations and advice from interested parties. Our immediate funding needs and opportunities extend to:

Capital expenditure to enable the expansion of our Malawi factory to meet demand for additional products and export to neighbouring counties.

Capacity building to allow us become a growing business that will be self-financing. Any such money provided will in effect be a huge impact investment in establishing a viable social enterprise.

The establishment of new joint ventures in developing countries and regions with local manufacturers as part of our effort to shape the market more efficiently and fairly.

Product Research and Development by undertaking controlled clinical field trials on (already developed) new recipes that will reduce costs, extend access and make better use of local agricultural crops.

Test Market Research to generate evidence on consumer acceptance, nutritional impact and commercial viability of marketing mixes designed to prevent Chronic Malnutrition (stunting).