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What we do


VALID Nutrition – A Truly Unique Social Enterprise

VALID develops and manufactures a range of ready-to-use therapeutic foods in Africa. It was the first humanitarian company in the world to do this exclusively on the African Continent.  These “ready-to-use therapeutic foods” (RUTFs) are highly fortified oil-based pastes designed to both treat and prevent severe acute malnutrition (starvation).

We operate a unique social business model and VALID has registered Irish, UK and USA charity status. The company is run as a fully-fledged competitive food business along strict commercial principles and with appropriate corporate governance controls in place.

In keeping with its humanitarian ethos, VALID’s local production approach is fundamental.  Currently 2/3 of all RUTF production is sourced from the Developed World and 1/3 comes from developing countries.  It would be much better is the opposite was the case!

In addition to manufacturing exclusively in developing countries, where possible,  VALID sources ingredients for its products from indigenous small-holder farmers and local suppliers.  This  brings major advantages in terms of food security for farmers and, critically, a developmental multiplier effect to local economies – a sustainable approach in the broadest sense.