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Establishment of the factory

In 2005, VALID set up its factory in Malawi to research and manufacture ready-to-use foods (RUFs) in a developing country requiring them, with the aim of treating and preventing malnutrition whilst directly maximising social and economic impact.

Malawi represents the “proof of concept” that VALID’s local production “farm-to-mouth” model is a long-term and sustainable approach to tackling malnutrition. Our factory is providing clear evidence of the broader developmental value and impact of what we do – compared to manufacturing RUFs in Europe or the USA.

For more information on the Malawi factory, please visit their website:  http://validnutrition.mw/

VALID Nutrition – ExAgris partnership

In 2013, VALID Nutrition (a social impact business) and ExAgris Ltd (an enlightened agricultural business) partnered to further develop the “farm-to-mouth” model by strengthening the local food value chain through improved agricultural practices in groundnut production, storage and handling. Local farmers supply the groundnuts – the main ingredient in our products – and AfriOil (an ExAgris initiative) processes them for use at our factory in Malawi.

From a global perspective, our partnership with Exagris is unique and creates a powerful synergy and reach – from local farms to the mouths of malnourished children.

For more information on our partner ExAgris, please visit their website: http://exagris.com/

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