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Local Benefits


Local Benefits

At VALID we believe it is vital to foster a customer focussed and enterprise driven market dynamic in developing countries. Loading in (often heavily susidised) developed country produce works against this and reinforces the failed model of the past – supply and dependency – rather than demand and self-determination.

Local production enables:

The development of the indigenous food industry by supporting the local value chain to supply their produce for the production of our products. This in turn, enhances additional farming skills which minimises dependence on a single crop;

In many instances, better marketing of the products as they are made from locally available raw materials which have the preference of the population (i.e. taste is already known and accepted);

Knowledge and skills transfer on quality food manufacturing;.

Easier and quicker distribution of the food as consumers are closer to the producers;

A decrease in the unnecessary movements of food between continents. This in turn has a positive impact on our carbon footprint;

Less storage time, therefore diminished warehousing costs and food losses;

Direct economic benefits through greater incomes for local farmers and more financial contributions to local economies; and increased employment levels – both direct and indirect, a multiplier effect.