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Farm to Mouth


Farm to Mouth

Where possible, VALID Nutrition sources ingredients for its products locally from small-holder farmers and local suppliers, thus bringing major advantages in terms of cost, quality and a multiplier effect to local economies – a sustainable approach in the broadest sense.

VALID Nutrition partnered with University College Cork – initially in Malawi – to conduct an impact assessment on purchasing crops directly from small-holder farmers in terms of impact on their livelihoods and health status. In keeping with VALID Nutrition’s evidence-based approach to research, this assessment will help to guide future programme design to maximise the benefits of purchasing directly from small-holder farmers. The results of the first phase of work were published in March 2015 and further activity is about to get underway.

In keeping with Valid Nutrition’s humanitarian ethos, this local production approach to the prevention and treatment of malnutrition enables the company to help its customers avoid the high cost of raw materials, labour, transport and duties associated with importing this food from developed countries.