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Business Model


Unique Business Model to tackle Malnutrition

In contrast to traditional aid and development models that are wholly dependent on public funding or charity donations, VALID Nutrition’s plan consists of a social business model where humanitarian investment and ethical trading creates a viable and self-funding business that both addresses under-nutrition and fosters agricultural and economic development.

By sourcing ingredients and producing ready-to-use therapeutic food in local communities, VALID Nutrition supports the respective economies and fosters entrepreneurship.  This leads to a positive economic cycle that assists in alleviating poverty and malnutrition at multiple levels.

Whilst VALID Nutrition is still a young organisation, it intends to become a self sustainable business in the near future.

VALID Nutrition’s business model demonstrates that the private sector has the capacity to innovate and deliver products to the poorest of the poor who suffer most from malnutrition.  It also demonstrates that the provision of essential products to the poor can provide the foundations for sustainable and profitable business.

“VALID Nutrition believes that combining humanitarianism and business represents a vision for development that is in tune with the current world economic environment.  At a time when aid budgets are being cut, ethical business models that generate their own funding longer term and reduce dependence on public finance, are vital.”